Eco Beauty Basics: Tools Part 1: Brushes

The quest for earth-friendly goodies and tools is ever long but I'm finding it's always an adventure. Let's venture into Beauty territory shall we? Green glamour means finding tools and treats that are gentle on your skin, hair, and body as well as sustainably produced or created in eco-conscious ways. But they need to be effective too so don't just go for any product that says "green" or "natural" cause just because it says so doesn't mean it'll do anything for your pretty making! 
To start with some basics though that are easy enough to incorporate I recommend the travel-friendly brush sets from EcoTools. They're made from bamboo (sustainable material! woot!) and fit easily into your makeup kit at home or bag. The best sets I think are the Essential Eye Set shown here with some lovely eye shadows from NS Minerals and my local favorite POPS! 
Another great set is the Starter Set which includes all the basic brushes for your face. I love how soft the bristles are in this set and the concealer brush is phenomenal to use with powder foundation. Each of these sets come in a little pouch that's good for packing in a purse or travel makeup kit but I also love how the handles are short which makes them easy to fit anywhere really. 
All these basic beauty goodies can be found and ordered online (save gas! woo!) or you may find EcoTools at your local drugstore. 

Next post I'll share the glamour and mystery of earthy neutrals - colors, tones, and shades that should be in every Earth Goddess's beauty kit! 

Happy healthy pretty making green glamouristas! 

Greenie Lifestyle: Earth-friendly Headphones from House of Marley

Do you have to have music everywhere you go? Me too. Me three even! Music is one of my life's sweet spots and with my ever constant foot walkin, train takin, or bike travelin lifestyle I've just gotta have a great beat to sooth my mind when I'm going to and fro. So I've got my teeny tiny ipod nano hooked up to these really cool headphones from House of Marley. I came across them while I was doing a bit of eco-shopping research and was super stoked to find they were made in part of recycled materials!

I love the look of them too - kind of this cool mix between techno urban and natural inspired. The sound quality by the way is nothing short of awesome so you are definitely getting what you pay for here. 
An added benefit? They keep my ridiculously sensitive ears from getting cold during chilly temps which  of course is still an issue even after Valentine's. Come on Spring, hurry up with those blue skies, bright flowers, and warming breezes!!

Eco Fashion Basics: Organic Cotton Lingerie Part 2

Do you match your bottoms with your tops? If you're being a ethical fashionista you should at least match the fabric of those form loving and eco-friendly underpanties ;)  Remember what I said about organic cotton being good for your underthings? Well this time I want you to consider the chicness of sustainably made bras, camisoles, chemises, and anything else you may use to lift, cover, or accentuate those lovely humps.
The bra in this post is the Fairy Tale Padded Underwire Bra from It may not be the best t-shirt bra (because of the seam in the cups) but the cleavage power is tops and looks fabulous under v-necks and sweaters. For something more t-shirt friendly, without all the lacy bells and whistles, go for the Alba Padded Underwire Bra which is also made with organic cotton. It's also chemical-free which is something to consider especially for the health of your body if you're trying to get pregnant or just want to rock as healthy a body as possible. The less chemicals resting on your body the better cause you're skin is a huge organ that takes in a lot (not to mention trying to filter out stuff that tries to get passed it).

The great thing about ethical and sustainable fashion is the options are just the same as with fast fashion, minus the soul-sucking feelings. It just feels better. And the fantastic thing about pretty bras and lingerie tops is you can feel sexy underneath AND show off a little too with just a tiny touch of sexy daring. If it's so cute there's no fashionable reason to leave it completely covered up? For example you can go for sweet country girl look, with a little lace peeking out over plaid button ups. 

Or amp up the romance by going dreamy with Spring sheers and see through blouses to show of pretty details or straps. Add a touch of whimsy (and a little distraction if you're not feeling like showing off your "girls" too much) by layering necklaces and pendants.  

Going organic, sustainable, and green can be super sexy and NOT at all hippie dippy - just check out the options and get stylishly creative. The best places to find loveliness right now are mostly online I've found but if you're lucky and live in a friendly metropolis you can find a boutique or two that carries organic cotton lingerie made by enterprising eco-designers - just do a local search. To get started window shopping though here's my list of online shops:  

Faeries Dance (green lingerie superstore!) (search term "organic cotton")
PACT (lots of fun sexy cami's, tees, and tanks)
LuvaHuva on Etsy (gorgeous handmade underthings)

Eco Review of Mercobox & Why it's cool to be a localista

After weeks of being busy beyond the internetz I finally have a review I'm excited to share with you greenie goddesses :) I recently had the opportunity to check out a new local subscription company here in Utah called MercoLocal. Their monthly subscription box called the Mercobox, is full of themed goodies all from Utah business so I was more than happy to try it out since being eco-fashionable and living the greenie lifestyle is very much connected to supporting the local community.

Here's what I found inside:
Hand-dipped chocolates from Hatch Family Chocolates LLC: Yum! Already this box has delighted me with goodness. The Hatch family has been in the business of hand crafting candy deliciousness for generations and it's their mission to continue keep the art of hand-dipping chocolates and traditional candy-making alive. And thank goodness too cause I've got quite the discerning sweet tooth! 

 DrainWig: It's really hard to follow the hand-dipped chocolate act so I'll admit when I first saw this (and it's hairy little illustration in the background of the package) I was kind of "meh" about it. Then I saw the DrainWig website and saw how cool and "green" this little thing is. Of course this is a perfect eco-friendly product for a long haired and shower loving girl such as myself since plenty of my hairs end up down the drain (not to mention gracing my ENTIRE living space). This is namely because all those hairs get trapped and can be discarded keeping the drains clog-free and our waterways free of not-so-lovely drain declogging chemicals. That's really awesome! 

Inkling Scents: I was super intrigued to see this lovely little package so prettily wrapped with ribbon. Inside were sample oil scents with charming names like "Betwixt" and "Iconic". Fragrance is such a lovely and sexy indulgence of mine and I was delighted that there was a local company produces fine scents for men and women. The "Betwixt" scent became an instant favorite and the little sample vial has this ingenious little wand for you to sort of trace the scent on your skin. I love that! These are 100% pure essential and perfume oils so are perfect for us green glam goddesses. 

Handcrafted Soap from Beehive Soap: I'm not much of a soap user or fan but these are damn cute, smells great and I love the look of them. Handmade soaps are just lovely in the bathing space.  

Crio Bru Brewed Cocoa: "Whoohoo! Gourmet hot chocolate!!" this is what my brain was shouting when I spotted this package in the box - I've seen this at Whole Foods Market a number of times and been wanting to try it so I was stoked to get try this out...until I noticed you need an actual coffee maker to brew it of which my kitchen lacks being the tea-drinkin-anglophile I am. My guy is a mad coffee drinker though so he brewed a couple cups of it up for us. Interesting...not bitter, but not sweet by itself - I had to add cream and honey to make it taste just right :) Pretty good stuff but not sure I'd warrant getting a French press just to have a cup of it regularly. 

NS Minerals Makeup: Really excited to see these samples in the box! I've been using this wonderful makeup line for years for both color and foundation and was happy to discover that it's a local company too. The pigments are beautiful, the foundation powder feels totally weightless, and they're just a really lovely makeup staple in my beauty box. Totally putting the coupon to good use! And I'm planning on posting some eco-glam looks here in the future with some of their products so stay tuned.

Awesome Coupons: Cause what localista doesn't love discounts and bargains? There's a NuManna food storage coupon (their products are gluten-free, soy-free, and supposedly actually taste good which is saying a lot for food storage), $5 off chocolates, and a coupon for Acme Camera - a place I'll definitely have to stop in when I start doing videos. Oh and a key chain which I'll probably never use since I don't have a car anymore :) 

All and all an awesome subscription box full of lovely eco-friendly items and local goodness. Since Mercobox sent me two boxes (that have now all sold out to make way for the new month box of goodies - full of great stuff for Spring) I'm sharing the other one with a greenie glam friend I'm hoping to interview. Check back here soon for that and part two of my Eco Fashion Basics: Lingerie post.

Let me know what local goodies you love by leaving a comment!

Eco Fashion Basics: Organic Cotton Lingerie Part 1

Hope your New Years Eve was magical and now that the crazy holiday season is done I'm also hoping you're ready to transform your wardrobe for 2014 beyond.! So let me share with you a bit of eco-fashion wisdom starting with what to wear underneath it all - bottoms first.
I've found that when you rethink fashion the choices you make about what you wear against your skin all day can matter more than we've all been brought up to believe. Consider that your skin is the largest organ you have and what you put on it affects both it and your whole body. Then consider that conventional fabrics such as cotton go through some very caustic processes from start to finish. Before you even wear a garment most likely the fabric it's made from has been sprayed, dyed, soaked, baked, bleached, and more. 
So, lets start with your underwear. Cotton is perhaps the most popular fabric for both lingerie and other clothing. While it is a "natural" fiber the processes a cotton plant goes through before wrapping around your ladybits aren't so natural or pretty and overall may not be all that healthy. I won't go into all the details and processes here to instead focus on just one. Petroleum.

That's right - conventional cotton plants get sprayed with petroleum as an insecticide. Then that oily spray gets into the plant, which gets milled and processed and then cut and sewn into bikini briefs and more. Then you get to wear it right next to your most intimate of body parts. Grossed out yet? Wait there's more. Since you underpanties are functional items that soak up your sweat and then need laundering, you'll wash and dry those babies and think they're all good and clean to wear against your skin again, but they're not. That oil is still in there and it's going to leak out of it basically for the entire life of the garment.

Enter "organic" cotton - grown without petrochemical pesticides or otherwise so when you wear it it's healthier, when you wash it it doesn't leech out that greasy petroleum, and it's way more friendly to the planet since there isn't nasty waste water run off, plus a whole host of other good for you benefits and better for the planet you life on benefits. Yay!
Earlier this year I went ahead and ordered a bunch of organic cotton panties from PACT - all of which were on sale. I was pretty ooged out by the idea of walking around with petroleum gunk resting against my ladybits all day and decided that my overall health was worth it especially when it comes to my lingerie. It's just one of those basics any eco-fashionista needs to have well in stock I think.
Your options for scoring your own eco (and body friendly) lingerie are varied and getting more and more available everyday. You can try PACT as they have a lot of affordable and sexy basics, but there's also organic intimates on Blue Canoe, a large and lovely selection on the online eco-fashion boutique Faeries Dance, independent sellers on Etsy, and more. You can also do a Google or Amazon search for "organic cotton panties" and just pick and choose the results.
So get shopping and then check back in later when I'll share my favorite boutiques and brands for bras and camis!

Eco Fashion: Cold Weather Closet Conundrum

What sucks about this winter (and last winter actually) is it's already EXTREMELY COLD and it's making me rethink my wardrobe building in way more functional terms I tell you. Barely two days into December us folks here in the mid and far west dipped into freezy mcfreeze temps and scrounging for all manner of coverings to tolerate our ventures outside. 
What I've found this year...I need a helluva lot more tights leggings and long sleeved shirts! Trouble is finding such things in sustainable fabrics that don't have me looking like a festive holiday a huge challenge. But I do already have some great eco-friendly accessories that I've scored from my favorite secondhand thrift shops, and ethical design companies like Indigenous. 
For tights I've been looking into Tightology - an ethical apparel line specializing in sustainable legwear. They have really fresh and fun designs in some lovely colors that I'd love to wear alone or - when the weather turns nasty freezy - wear underneath a pair of jeans or maxi skirt. 
Threads 4 Thought has a good selection of cozy leggings though they seem a bit pricey at $30 a pop. I do get that quality and ethical clothing is going to cost me more and be worth it of course, but it is taking some getting used to. Threads for Thought also has some lovely long sleeve tops I'll probably pick up soon as the cheap one's I purchased forever ago are starting to get a little threadbare. 
So yeah, my thoughts this year and this holiday season are already getting wistful along the lines of fashion. That is fashion that keeps me warm enough until it's time to shed half of it and roast in the sun baked weather.

How are you holding up in this extreme weather? 

Fashion is Funny Style is Serious: Teeny Tiny Clutch

Holiday season is party season and therefore it's a picture perfect time for all those slaves to fashion to seek out the smallest possible purse to accessorize with. The teeny tiny clutch holds a precious 1% of a style maven's essentials so that her ever lovin candy boy may stuff the remaining 99% she needs to survive a festivity-filled night into his beefy pants pockets! Why carry a bag that can hold both the car key and the house key? Too much room darling! And small isn't going to cut it at the holiday gala - runway models and model wanabes everywhere know you've got to go almost totally microscopic with the clutch to look MONSTROUSLY hot. Just think of this accessory as a tiny bejeweled food cart in the middle of Tokyo and you as a Godzilla of sartorial awesomeness!!!! Though don't step on it sweetie...hold it, delicately between your thumb and forefinger as you catwalk your way passed party goers. 
And for god's sake don't drop it...cause you'll never find it ever again. 

If you think the teeny tiny clutch (TTC) is ridiculous you should see it's counterpart the GFB :) 

*clutch pictured is vintage! 

Eco Lifestyle: Upcycled Holiday Wreath How-To

And whooooosh! The Holiday Season is upon us. The possibilities for eco-friendly gifting, decorating, and festive-making are endless though so no worries there. I've already got a jump on the decorating by fashioning a bunch of wreaths out of recycled materials so here's a couple photos and a more detailed how-to for you eco artsy ladies to try out: 

And et voila! "Green" goodies to brighten up your home while you feast and party! I'll have more projects (and experiments, heh) for this festive season to come so come back soon :) 

Green Glamor: Halloween Gone Green with Earth Friendly & Ethical Makeup

Just a quickie post today to suggest to any of you Halloween procrastinators how you can make your spooky outfits and makeup designs earth chic. Besides the obvious ethical reasons to shop for sustainably sourced beauty tools and treats, going green for those masquerade balls and spooky office parties can be cheaper and better for that beautiful face and body of yours. So here's a couple tips: 

1) Invest in earth-friendly basics like black eyeliner and white eyeliner pencils from an ethical brand like The Body Shop. Eyeliner pencils in black and white are a must for year round glamour but they can really come into play for fantasy makeup designs such as the beautiful ornate skull face designs of Dias De Los Muertos. This means you get some bang for your buck and not just special occasions.

2) Get pretty details with non-irritating mineral makeup and a bamboo eyeliner brush. Shimmery and colored powders made with mica are great to work with wet or dry and can be easy on the skin when compared to the cheap oil based creams that show up on the shelves during Halloween. Again use these for basic day looks and special occasion designs as you wish just get creative with the application! If you want to get super definition try an eco-friendly liquid eyeliner.

Need some more inspiration for last minute costume creation? Just check out my geek girl Halloween guest post on Big Shiny Robot for more ideas!